Out of Class Study to Include
25-27 hours
Practice Consultations
Consultation Case Study Review:
3-4 writen observations from your practice
consultation including: Client Questionnaire,
Bagua Layout, Areas of Concern
16-18 hours
Personal Feng Shui Analysis
Before & after photos of your space
Written results of Feng Shui in your life.
3 hours

* Pre-Certification One - 24 hour class $873 
    * Pre-Certification Two - 16 hour class $387 

*Final Certification Consultation with Laurie – 4 hours $297
    ** Total Certification Fee:  $1521

For more information on classes, please contact lauriepawli@gmail.com

***Total Training Hours
75-77 hours
Classroom Training Hours
50 hours
Pre-Certification Class One - 3-Day 24 hours
Pre-Certification Class Two - 2 Day 16 hours
Teleconference Call 2 hours
Field Trip - Furniture Store 2 hours
Certification Consultation & Analysis 6 hours
Certification Consultation/Celebration
4 hours

Professional Certification  Classes 

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The Feng Shui School of Chicago

Design With Energy

2020 Certification Class Dates

September 17 & 18th, 2021 (Pre-Certification One) and

September 17th & 18th, 2021 (Pre-Certification Two) - 9:30 am to 4:30 pm - Oak Brook location 

**The program can be taken in sections and is priced that way.  Classes are "In Person" Classroom setting.

Please register for specific class on CLASSES page on this site

The Feng Shui School of Chicago, which is recognized as a Gold Level School by the International Feng Shui

Guild, teaches Feng Shui guidelines based on BTB, the front door of the space, exterior surrounding areas,

best personal direction, and incorporates guidelines taught by Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun.  

The 77 hour Professional Consultant Certification Training Program consists of a combination of 45 hours of "in-person" classroom study, meditations, bagua study, I Ching, marketing your business, EMF’s, Chi Flow, Color and Furniture placement, transcendental adjustments, blessings, conference calls, field trips, on site consultation, space clearing, and approximately 27 hours of out of classroom projects. Plus much more!

Day 1 - 3 teaches bagua placement, front door, bedroom, interior adjustments, flow of chi, use of the 5 elements, colors, Feng Shui cures,  Feng Shui business tips, walking element tour, Feng Shui Landscape, meditations, wealth adjustments, missing piece cures, I Ching, and participate in an “on site” Feng Shui Consultation - $873

Day 4 & 5 teaches Advanced Adjustments, Space Clearing techniques, On Site Space Clearing consultation - $387

Final Certification Consultation  - Individual Class time determined with Laurie 4 - 6 hours - $297

A Certificate from the Feng Shui School Of Chicago is presented upon completion of the program.